Case Study – Chasing the Newest Technology or Staying Stale

Choice on the Newest Technology

Scenario Lets assume that you are a fairly large company which develops and maintains 200 small to medium sized web applications. Each application is a web application, contains some level of integrations with other systems, and has database connections. Your company leaders advertise that the company will be an innovative and a industry leading company. […]

Finding Contributors for your Open Source Projects

Social Media Wordcloud

Introduction I have authored a few open source projects including a programming language called Condor and an open source competitor to Google Docs and Microsoft Office called Sublime Word. According to the GitHub Octoverse 2017, there are roughly around 67 million open source repositories. Looking at the repositories that I have published, I have wondered how […]

Machine Learning – Multivariable Linear Regression

Multivariable linear regression example 1

Introduction Multivariable Linear regression is a common machine learning algorithm. When getting started with machine learning, multivariable linear regression is a great place to dive into next. If you haven’t read the previous article about Simple Linear Regression, I would recommend it, because that is the best place to start. What is Multivariable Linear Regression? […]

Machine Learning – Simple Linear Regression

What Is Linear Regression

Introduction Simple Linear regression is the most basic machine learning algorithm. When getting started with machine learning, linear regression is where you should start, hence this being the first of the machine learning training category on The Concept Center. What is Linear Regression? Linear regression in simple terms is a statistical way of measuring the relationship […]