Finding Contributors for your Open Source Projects

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Introduction I have authored a few open source projects including a programming language called Condor and an open source competitor to Google Docs and Microsoft Office called┬áSublime Word. According to the GitHub Octoverse 2017, there are roughly around 67 million open source repositories. Looking at the repositories that I have published, I have wondered how […]

Simple Research Study – Choosing a Front End Framework

Introduction Background In the web development industry technology changes rapidly. Within the past 7 years, JavaScript frameworks, in particular, have developed and become more popular. In this study, I’d like to examine React, Angular and Vue on a project level, to determine which framework is most widely accepted in the industry. React by Facebook Angular […]

Simple Research Study – Top Starred Open Source Projects

Open Source Project Stars Histogram

Introduction Background GitHub is the leader in hosting open source projects. For those who are not familiar with open source projects, a group of developers share and contribute to common code to develop software. Example open source projects include, Chromium (which makes Google Chrome), WordPress, and Hadoop. Open source projects are said to have disrupted […]