Simple Research Study – Flights to Boston

Total Flight Duration in Air in Hours vs Price

Introduction Background Recently, I graduated from Boston University with my masters. As I was preparing for the trip,¬†we needed to purchase some airline tickets to Boston. Later, this got me thinking about doing a micro-study about flights from Salt Lake City to Boston. For this study, I am pulling the top 20 cheapest flights to […]

Simple Research Study – Popular Website Traffic

Search Engine Website View Comparison

Introduction Background Have you every been in a conversation and the question comes up, who uses Bing? This question comes up occasionally because people wonder if these sites have any views. For this research study, we are going to be exploring popular website traffic for many popular websites. Hypothesis Most of the popular markets are […]

Simple Research Study – Mining Facebook’s Rexburg Garage and Yard Sales

Comment Count Distrubution

Introduction Background A few years ago, a group started to show up on Facebook called Rexburg Garage and Yard Sales. This Facebook group is not unique only to Rexburg. These groups started to show up all over, for many cities, especially the larger cities. Since these groups started coming live, I thought, can we learn […]