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Netflix Shows by Rating



Netflix in the past 5-10 years has captured a large populate of viewers. With more viewers, there most likely an increase of show variety. However, do people understand the distribution of ratings on Netflix shows? The purpose of this analysis is to understand the rating distributions of Netflix shows.


The amount of TV-MA and R shows released within the past 5 years on Netflix exceeds any other rating.


Pulling data from Netflix was rather difficult. However, I managed to pull about 1,000 shows and movies. Before diving into the study, it’s important to understand how the data was pulled.

Netflix Suggestion Engine

Because of the vast amount of time it would take to gather 1,000 shows one by one, the gathering method took advantage of the Netflix’s suggestion engine. The suggestion engine recommends shows similar to the selected show. As part of this data set, I took 4 videos from 4 ratings (totaling 16 unique shows), then pulled 53 suggested shows per video. The ratings include: G, PG, TV-14, TV-MA. I chose not to pull from every rating (e.g. TV-G, TV-Y, etc.).

Data Set

Date Pulled: 4/28/2017 8:00pm

Total Shows Pulled: 1,000

Raw Data: Netflix Raw Data


Netflix Shows by Release Date

Viewers of Netflix may realize that many shows are from 2015 and newer. Below is supporting evidence, based on the sample, that most shows are from 2015 and newer.

Netflix Shows Resease Date by Year

Netflix Shows by Rating

While browsing Netflix shows, it may seem that over half are either TV-MA or R rated. From this we can see that about 18% are R type of rating. It’s important to note that NR and UR ratins are grouped into this percentage, though the graph below does split them out.

Netflix Shows by Rating

 Netflix Shows by Year by Rating

This graph represents a grouping a ratings (each bar color) by year. It’s interesting to note that the number of TV-14 videos have increased by 5 times in 2016 since 2012. It is not shocking to see the 82% of the TV-MA shows that have been released, were released in the past 2 years.

Distribution of Netflix Shows by Year by Rating

Below is a filtered version to the most common ratings.

Distribution of Netflix Shows by Year by Rating - FIltered


The hypothesis above: “the amount of TV-MA and R shows released within the past 5 years on Netflix exceeds any other rating” is not true. The amount released that dominates the market is TV-14, however, TV-MA has the largest rate of increase within the past 5 years.


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  2. What tool did you use to pull the data?

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