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Search Engine Website View Comparison



Have you every been in a conversation and the question comes up, who uses Bing? This question comes up occasionally because people wonder if these sites have any views. For this research study, we are going to be exploring popular website traffic for many popular websites.


Most of the popular markets are controlled (Over 50% website traffic) by one company.


The data collected originates from

Data Set

Category Date Pulled Websites Pulled Links
Search Engines 5/11/2017 7:27pm Google,  Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo Raw Data
Social Media 5/11/2017 7:50pm Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ Raw Data
News Stations 5/11/2017 8:03pm CNN, FoxNews, ABC, USA Today Raw Data
Fast Food 5/11/2017 8:17pm McDonalds, Tacobell, Subway, Wendys Raw Data



Search Engine Website Views

As of 2017, there are four main search engines which people use, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. First, I decided to look at the sheer volume of website visits. Keep in mind, this only includes the website itself. If the users access the website via mobile App or some other means, this will be excluded.

Search Engine Popularity

As we can see from the graph below, Google takes first place with 82% of the four websites traffic. Yahoo takes second place with 15% of the four websites traffic. Bing takes third with 3% of the four websites traffic. Finally, DuckDuckGo takes 0% of the traffic. Although, DuckDuckGo takes less than a percentage of the four websites traffic, On average, it receives about 142.5 million views, which is still high.

Search Engine Website View Comparison

Social Media Website Views

Since a large bulk of social media views comes from mobile phones and tablets, this data does not have a perfect representation of the popularity of the product. However, as far as the website goes, below is the volume comparison.

 Social Media Popularity

From the graph below, we can see that Facebook holds about 85% of the four websites traffic. Twitter holds about 11% of the four websites traffic. LinkedIn holds about 3% of the four websites traffic. Finally, Google+ holds about 1% of the four websites traffic. An interesting trend so far is that both of Microsoft’s products holds about 3% of the websites traffic for their respective groups.

Social Media Website View Comparison

News Station Website Views

It’s interesting to hear about the different news stations, especially during the election times. However, the following data only represents November till April, as does the other graphs above.

News Station Popularity

It is apparent from the graph below that the most popular news station, of the four, is CNN. CNN holds about 56% of the four website views. Fox News holds about 26%, USA Today about 14% and ABC at 0%. It was shocking to see that ABC news doesn’t leave a dent with the number of website in comparison with the others.

News Station Website View Comparison

Fast Food Website Views

The final category to view their website statistics is popular fast food chains. Looking at the graph below, there is a noticeable decline in McDonald’s website traffic over the past 5 months. For McDonald’s, there has been a steady 11% decline in website traffic.

Fast Food Popularity

It is no surprise, that of the four website traffic, McDonalds takes the lead with 62%, Tacobell and Subway tie with 16% and Wendy’s takes last with 6%.

Fast Food Website View Comparison


The above hypothesis, “Most of the popular markets are controlled (Over 50% website traffic) by one company.” has been proven true in these four markets. Google hold 82% for search engine. Facebook hold 85% for social media. CNN holds 56% for news stations. McDonald’s holds 62% for fast food websites.

Why is the information above important to know?

  • In the search engine market, it will be difficult to overthrow Google, who takes 82% of the website traffic averaging around 30 billion website views a month
  • In the social media market, Google+ came into the market just a little late with a product that wasn’t quite as intuitive. From this, we can see that this industry will also be difficult to enter because Facebook holds about 85% of the social media webpage views at around 25 billion views per month.
  • It was surprising to see a station, ABC, that is owned by Disney struggle so much with it comes to news stations. Could part of it be the content? Could part of it be social media marketing?
  • In the fast food website market, McDonald’s has taken a steady 11% decline in the past 5 months on their website traffic.

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