Simple Research Study – Cryptocurrencies


Introduction For those who are new to cryptocurrencies, you may ask, what are cryptocurrencies? According to Google, a cryptocurrency is “a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.”1 If you read the news or […]

Simple Research Study – Shark Tank Companies

Shark Tank Logo

Introduction Background Shark Tank is an ABC show where entrepreneurs around the United States can pitch their ideas to billionaires and seek partnership with them. The show started in Japan in 2009, and has gained traction over the years to what it is today. For this study, I thought it would be interesting to analyze the […]

Simple Research Study – Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 Rank vs Revenue

Introduction The fortune 500 company list is a compilation of the largest companies in the United States as published by the Fortune Magazine. (1)  For this micro-study, I thought that it would be interesting to study the Fortune 500 companies collectively to find any interesting trends or observations. A completed list of Fortune 500 companies […]

Simple Research Study – Stock Market from a High Level

S&P 500, Nasdaq and Dow Jones Industrial Averages

Introduction Background The stock market is a large indicator of the health of the economy in the United States. Understanding the stock market from a high level is important because we would be able to predict when dips or small crashes in the market occur. For this study, we are going to be reviewing the Nasdaq, […]

Simple Research Study – Idaho’s Rivers

Water Height Snake River at Blackfoot

Introduction Background Idaho has a many beautiful rivers passing through the land. The residents of Idaho may have noticed that the rivers seems to be higher than normal during the summer months in 2017. The purpose of this study is to understand the river conditions during the month of July. Hypothesis The water will flow […]

Simple Research Study – Choosing a Front End Framework

Introduction Background In the web development industry technology changes rapidly. Within the past 7 years, JavaScript frameworks, in particular, have developed and become more popular. In this study, I’d like to examine React, Angular and Vue on a project level, to determine which framework is most widely accepted in the industry. React by Facebook Angular […]

Simple Research Study – Udemy Courses

Number of Reviews vs Potential Revenue

Introduction Background Udemy is a massive online open course (MOOC) web application. Within Udemy, a student can learn nearly anything. You may wonder, why would anyone take one of these courses? If you use Google’s Trends app, you can enter in different search terms and compare the world-wide volume of searches for that search term. For […]

Simple Research Study – Top Starred Open Source Projects

Open Source Project Stars Histogram

Introduction Background GitHub is the leader in hosting open source projects. For those who are not familiar with open source projects, a group of developers share and contribute to common code to develop software. Example open source projects include, Chromium (which makes Google Chrome), WordPress, and Hadoop. Open source projects are said to have disrupted […]

The Path to Becoming a CIO

Boston City

Introduction Recently, I was able to receive feedback from three university Chief Information Officers (CIO) about their career paths to becoming an academic CIO.  Each provided insights on what they would suggest to the rising generation of future CIOs. Below I’ve included some of their most valuable advice: Path to Becoming a CIO The path to […]