The Hyperlink – The Spawning of a New Industry



Why did the internet get big and popular so quickly? In reality, there are many contributing factors for the rise of the internet. However, I propose one of the largest factors for the growth of the internet came because of the hyperlink.

The Hyperlink

Before the internet came to be, researchers developed a system to share documents across computers. Later this concept morphed into the internet. Sharing documents across any computer was a breakthrough. However, with this breakthrough a problem was introduced. How do users find these documents? Various algorithms and methodologies have been developed trying to crawl the web. When the hyperlink was introduced and implemented, it created a digital connection linking out to another document, thus creating a reference to that document. While Larry Page was attending Stanford University, he developed an algorithm called PageRank. The algorithm states that the importance of a webpage is determined by the number of quality hyperlinks pointing to that webpage. He proved this algorithm to be a success though the business Google.

The Graph of the Web

In the paper, the graph of the web, the writers found research which shows interesting numbers concerning incoming hyperlinks to a webpage. If you view a webpage as a family history pedigree chart, each child has a father and a mother, thus the relationship is i2. In the internet, a webpage has a i2.1  relationship with the number of incoming links. Why is this important? Because every important webpage opened to the public is linked to each other. With this study, it supports the PageRank algorithm concerning hyperlinks.

Internet Based Businesses

Since most webpages are connected via hyperlinks, search engines can now find these websites and webpages. Since businessmen and entrepreneurs realized that this is an opportunity to generate income, they opened a .com business. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, GoDaddy all came because of this new industry. Bloggers, Vloggers (video bloggers) now realized that they could be found because of this web of hyperlinks exposed on a search engine. Now we have tens of thousands of businesses online. Why? All because of the concept of a hyperlink.


Why is this knowledge important? Because we can learn that when there is a network of connections available, a new industry is born. Comment below for other industries born because of connections.


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  1. Aloha – great insights! What is replacing the hyperlinks web, in your opinion?

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